Do.Porcel: The imprint of the invisible

Tourangian by birth with Andalusian origins, Dominique Porcel has been practicing abstract painting since 2005, far from academic conventions, guided by the expression of her inner emotions and sensations.

All her works begin with music. Listening to it, she allows herself to be penetrated by the emotions it evokes, surrendering to intuition. An entrancing rhythm, a harmonious melody, or a penetrating chant; these are triggers that ignite the artist's creativity, acting as a catalyst.

However, while the genesis of the work is facilitated by listening, it is through touch that the work is completed. Departing from traditional painting practices, Do. Porcel eschews brushes in favor of a unique medium: her hands. Guided by musical harmony, she dips her fingers into acrylic paint, India ink, or oil to compose surprising imaginary scenes with their reliefs. Amidst the small clumps, drips, and flat paint areas, the viewer's gaze becomes lost and delves into the multitude of textural effects. The trace of the hands becomes invisible, allowing the dictatorship of movement to take over.

Moreover, this pictorial momentum provided by the relief is even more pronounced due to the reign of color. Chosen almost instinctively, it is applied pure or mixed directly onto the canvas. From deep blue to vermillion red, the artist's palette is never limited to a few colors, participating, therefore, in the same expressiveness as the material. The result is striking variations and contrasts that bring the painting to "life."

Thus, in a synesthetic manner, Do. Porcel offers us a true pictorial and sensory excursion in which the viewer is entirely autonomous. When face to face with the canvas, the eye tends to get lost in the flow of material as it traverses the composition; however, as one steps back, a new universe is revealed. The careful examination of the work up close gives way to a more contemplative vision. In the colored blur, shadows and silhouettes emerge and come to life, either hinted at or perceived clearly by the eye. In this way, the artist offers the possibility of flirting with the invisible. Whether it belongs to the realm of the unconscious, imagination, or spirituality, it asserts its presence amidst the tumult of material and color, plunging the viewer into a world where they are free to surrender to wandering and drifting.

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